Flood management

Flood management

Effective and robust flood management expertise to support planning and development 

Ricardo can support you with industry leading advice and expertise on flood management and legislation, enabling you to benefit from an efficient and robust submission of planning applications. Our specialists provide flood-risk advice services across all environments at risk and, through our extensive experience, we offer unique insights into many aspects of flood risk. 

Our experts have a wealth of experience gained from working with a diverse range of clients and stakeholders to understand and address flood and river management issues across the UK. We have strong ties with, and a deep understanding of, the UK water industry and local authorities, and specialise in pre-feasibility support for planning and development applications. Our flood-risk team includes experts in climate change and infrastructure, enabling us to help you understand and develop processes for mitigating flood risk and protecting people, property and the environment. Our flood management services include:

River and coastal flood risk assessments (FRA)

FRAs (including flood consequence assessments) and investigations are undertaken in line with the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and Welsh Technical Advice Note (TAN) 15 guidelines for all sources of risk. Our technical experts undertake strategic FRAs for a wide range of needs for planning and developments. Our FRAs are grounded in technical hydrological expertise and we have the advantage of being able to call on experts in our ecology and water teams to assess wider environmental impacts. We offer a range of services to protect against future flooding and work on Strategic Environmental Assessments and Environment Impact Assessments. We also offer cost benefit analysis to demonstrate the benefits of flood management options and natural capital accounting processes. 

Hydraulic modelling

With our partners we review and develop existing and build one-dimensional and two-dimensional hydraulic models for flood mapping and flood-risk appraisal purposes. These commonly used approaches include software such as Flood Modeller pro, HEC-RAS and ESTRY-TUFLOW.

Hydrometric and hydrological services

We have a strong capability within field-based measurements and monitoring to support flood risk investigations and environmental studies. We also apply the Flood Estimation Handbook suite of methodologies for hydrological high-flow estimation, in line with Environment Agency best practice where required for flood risk, river restoration and management studies.

FRA and environmental statement review services

We conduct peer reviews of FRAs and environmental statements, providing quality assurance and verification that the conclusions reached are realistic, robust and defensible. 

Data management and mapping

We offer detailed geographic information system (GIS) services, undertaking flood-risk mapping, watershed delineation and geographical data analysis and management in ArcMap and QGIS. We specialise in visualising data to support planning and future flood management decision-making.

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