Corporate water risk and security

Corporate water risk and security

Providing security against increasing resource costs, water security risks and legislation changes

Ricardo works with a wide range of clients including policy makers, utility providers and private sector organisations to develop and deliver bespoke water demand management solutions.

We can help you future-proof your organisation and provide security against increasing resource costs, water security risks and legislation changes. As well as providing protection against these risks, we can help you realise cost savings, develop and maintain a competitive advantage through efficiency improvements, and improve your corporate reputation.

Our knowledge of implementing water efficient practices and technologies on behalf of our clients is unrivalled and is delivering benefits for our clients around the world. Our services include:

  • Water auditing – Understand how your organisation consumes water and identify measures to reduce your usage.
  • Staff training and behaviour change programmes – Adopt water efficient practices to reduce your consumption.
  • Business case development – Overcome barriers to investment in water efficiency.
  • Water efficiency implementation support – Develop effective proposals and robust tenders for your organisation.
  • Domestic water efficiency
  • Developing a water mass balance, or water profiles to help build a picture of water use and identify areas of priority;
  • Water footprinting products or services