Catchment management and ecosystems

Catchment management and ecosystems

Delivering improvements in waterbody status under the Water Framework Directive

Ricardo is the market leader in developing and implementing the Catchment Based Approach (CaBA) to water management.

Our team has extensive experience in developing and applying both CaBA and Ecosystem Services concepts in environmental policy appraisal. Our work for Defra, the Environment Agency and Natural England has contributed significantly to the practical development and application of the Ecosystems Services approach and its integration into existing environmental assessment frameworks. We regularly work with water companies on the integration of CaBA and the Ecosystems Services approach into their strategic business plans.

The combination of our detailed technical knowledge of catchment science with environmental economics, and wide experience of partnership working and stakeholder engagement, means that we can quantify the benefits to you of applying CaBA. We can also work with you to identify potential partnership funders who may be willing to provide payments for the Ecosystem Services generated through the CaBA process.

Our experience

  • Developed a guidance tool for the Environment agency  to enable a climate resilient catchment method to support stakeholders in reducing the impacts of climate change and agricultural resilience.
  • Delivered a review of the effects of drought on biodiversity and ecosystems for Natural England.
  • Established an ecosystem markets taskforce for DEFRA, enabling a greater understanding of opportunities and constraints for ecosystem markets, monetisation of natural capital and green economy & business resilience.