The Waste and Resources Assessment Tool for the Environment (WRATE)

WRATE is the UK’s principal tool for modelling the carbon and environmental impact of waste management services. Ricardo has the foremost team of WRATE practitioners in the UK, offering an unsurpassed track record of experience and an appreciation of the real world in terms of process performance.

Our particular expertise lies in the development of user-defined processes (UDPs), their review and, critically, their optimisation for infrastructure tender evaluation. Ricardo applies WRATE to support your organisation with:

WRATE modelling support to local authorities

Ricardo provides technical advice to local authorities procuring residual municipal solid waste (MSW) treatment facilities, by modelling a range of scenarios and waste treatment technologies, to establish benchmarks for the bid evaluation matrix. We prepare clear instructions, evaluation criteria and the WRATE baseline scenario for use by bidders. Finally, our WRATE experts evaluate the bidders’ WRATE scenarios and ensures they are robust, justified and in line with their proposed solution.

WRATE modelling peer reviews

Ricardo’s peer review is a very efficient, thorough process, thanks to the development of our proprietary comparison tool and our team’s significant experience. The comparison tool highlights all the modifications made, enabling the peer reviewer to examine the differences and corroborate the changes with the supporting data provided by the client. The input data are also reviewed by Ricardo’s technical team, which utilises its in-depth knowledge of waste treatment and recycling technologies to carry out a reality check of the outcomes.

Bespoke waste treatment process development

Ricardo works with its clients to develop a user data protocol (UDP) that matches the prescribed technology, drawing on our operational process knowledge and experience. Crucially, we ensure that the UDPs created in WRATE accurately reflect a client’s solution and the environmental benefits of the process being modelled. We also work with bidders to help tailor and optimise approaches, particularly useful for local authority procurement evaluations, where environmental performance is often a critical element.