Waste sector carbon tool

Waste sector carbon tool

Effective carbon management for the waste industry

Ricardo is a front-runner in understanding carbon and a leading expert in corporate footprinting and reporting.

For example, since 2009 we have been the main implementation partner to the Environment Agency for the CRC scheme, aimed at regulating carbon emissions from the non-energy intensive commercial and public sectors. With this expertise, we have helped a large number of organisations to gather the data required to calculate and report their carbon footprints through a variety of voluntary and mandatory reporting mechanisms.

We have conducted a range of carbon projects and developed carbon management plans to help support local authorities and waste management companies in improving their own carbon footprints.

A bespoke model to help your organisation

Ricardo has developed a bespoke model that can support your organisation. The model simplifies the complex tasks of collating all the necessary data, combining that with the latest emission factors (pre-populated) and organising, verifying and analysing the results. It operates from data already collected by authorities and service providers (such as fuel usage, meter readings and tonnages collected), and is highly flexible in the reporting units. Users can evaluate current performance and test possible future interventions to understand where their best saving opportunities may lie.

The model design is deliberately flexible and dynamic, enabling a wide range of analysis. Ricardo has conducted projects including comparing options for recycling glass and assessing an authority’s whole waste services, including commuting to recycling centres. The data entry permits analysis to varying levels of granularity, creating an understanding of the main influences at both a high and low level:

Transport > Collections > Food Waste > Flats Collection Vehicle 

Recycling > Bring Site > Glass > Aggregate Replacement

Local Authority Carbon League Tables

We have used the emission factors in our carbon tool to generate a carbon league table for local authorities, which ranks local authorities according to the carbon impacts of their complete waste management service.

See the local authority carbon league table