Waste market research

Waste market research

Robust and tailored waste research and analysis

Ricardo can support you by gathering and analysing relevant datasets to inform your business decisions. Our services range from small-scale local competitor analyses (operator, capacity, risk level) to complex regional and national waste intelligence reports (arisings, feedstocks, competing capacities, available and upcoming contracts, commercial and industrial waste opportunities, etc.).

Ricardo takes an analytical approach to waste market research; we either use robust existing data or make credible assumptions to which we apply sensitivities and certainty ranges.

Our hands-on experience on projects, including waste audits and infrastructure development, provides us with a range of realistic benchmarks (used anonymously), which we use to scale and verify our estimates. If necessary, we employ data gathering techniques such as telephone surveys to identify unreported details.

Waste intelligence tool

We provide our clients with bespoke datasets, original maps and targeted reports that give them thorough appreciation of their local and regional context. We have developed our own waste intelligence tool, FALCON (facilities, arisings, locations, contracts), to combine a broad range of static datasets into a dynamic interactive online solution.

FALCON uses geographical information systems (GIS) to plot waste facilities, arisings, locations and contracts onto a map of the UK. We are continuing to add new datasets to FALCON; currently the following data can be displayed:

  • Current and proposed waste management facilities (MRFs, IVCs, ADs, MBTs, MHTs and all Thermal Treatment)
  • MSW arisings and recycling, composting, recovery and landfill tonnages
  • Residual waste contract status

Besides being a robust and comprehensive data presentation and analysis tool, FALCON has two unique features. Firstly, the map is interactive, allowing the user to select facilities to display by type, capacity and development stage. Overlaying this data with waste arising densities provides a flexible, query based approach to waste market assessment.

Secondly, the tool, powered by Ricardo’s internal waste market database, is regularly updated with new information and developments; we average 30 individual updates per month.

FALCON, which is available on a licence purchase basis, gives its users a single port of call for up-to-date and dynamic waste market data.

Our experience

Waste market research clients include:

  • Enviroparks
  • WRAP
  • European Pathway to Zero Waste
  • Covanta
  • Coventry and Solihull Waste Disposal Company

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