Procurement and bid support

Procurement and bid support

Comprehensive procurement and bid support for waste services

Ricardo’s experienced consultants add considerable value to those seeking waste services by ensuring local authority and public sector procurement processes benefit from the lessons learnt and best practice developed by working on numerous similar projects. This type of advice and support is invaluable for both public and private sector organisations alike.

Ricardo’s experts provide a range of procurement and bid support services, including:

Options appraisal

An options appraisal rigorously tests each option considered for a new or improved waste service prior to selecting an option to take forwards as a reference project then onto procurement. Ricardo uses bespoke modelling alongside accurate, detailed and clearly referenced waste flow and cost data and assumptions to ensure each option can meet the strategic requirements of the project.

For collections services, TEEP compliance should also be considered.

Business case development

Ricardo can develop a bespoke outline business case and final business case to satisfy your individual and project requirements.

Procurement process support

The support we provide during a procurement process ranges from “light-touch” to “hand-holding” depending on your organisation’s budget, resource or time availability. Ricardo’s operations, technology, procurement and contracts specialists provide support, as required, throughout the procurement process, from publication of the OJEU notice through to contract award.

Bid support

Ricardo’s experts assist private sector organisations by writing and/or reviewing sections of their tender, enabling technical compliance, providing advice and insight on local issues through our regional offices, delivering environmental analysis (e.g. WRATE), waste flow modelling, technology assessments, assisting with dialogue meetings or interviews, and bid co-ordination or management.

Project management

Should you require more strategic support, Ricardo staff can be seconded into or contracted to project manage your waste procurement processes – both for specific stages of a procurement process or for the whole procurement process.

Contract mobilisation

Ricardo can support you between the service being procured and contract management and project 'kick-off'. Ricardo’s experts, with combined operations and procurement expertise, can provide support and training for you through this difficult transition phase.

To find out more about how Ricardo can support your organisation please get in touch using the form on this page.

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