Waste modelling and analysis

Waste modelling and analysis

Comprehensive waste modelling and analysis support

Service reviews and benchmarking

Ricardo monitors and benchmarks performance, and prepares operational action plans to help deliver improvements. Such reviews can be performed throughout the contract cycle, but are particularly valuable when a contract is coming up for review. Read more.

TEEP assessment

Our TEEP Assessment services are underpinned by our service review and benchmarking expertise and a robust waste collections model and TEEP assessment tool. Read more.

Waste sector carbon tool

Ricardo's bespoke carbon tool enables councils not only to evaluate their current performance, but also to test possible future interventions, to understand where their best saving opportunities may lie. 

Waste market research

Ricardo consultants have been performing LCA studies for many years covering a large breadth of products including industrial equipment, vehicles, lighting, beer, toilets, packaging and paper products. Read more.

Life cycle assessment (LCA)

LCA is an established method for assessing the environmental (and sometimes social) impacts of a product, service, business, policy or process. Many of our clients opt for a high-level scoping LCA initially, and then use the findings to drive and focus follow up investigations. Read more.


Ricardo has the foremost team of WRATE practitioners in the UK, offering an unsurpassed track record of experience and an appreciation of the real world in terms of process performance. Read more.

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