Pneumatic waste collection systems

Pneumatic waste collection systems

Is a Pneumatic Waste Collection System (PWCS) right for you?

Globally, PWCSs (also referred to as Automated/Vacuum Waste Collection Systems) have been collecting solid waste and soiled linen for over 60 years. However, there are less than 1,000 systems currently in operation and their adoption has been slow. Why is this?

Adoption of PWCS has been slow due of a lack of knowledge and understanding on how these systems operate, where they offer the best efficiency and what their life-cycle costs amount to.

Independent PWCS advice

Ricardo has the in-house expertise and knowledge to help you understand if a PWCS is the correct choice for your development, whether it be a single building, a campus, a district or a city.

As an independent PWCS expert, we understand how these systems are designed, who the leading suppliers are, how PWCS can be integrated into a wider solid waste management strategy and the life-cycle costs that need to be considered.

Feasibility and procurement support for PWCS

Ricardo will develop a feasibility study to compare waste collection and management options that include and exclude the use of a PWCS for the collection of the development’s solid waste.

This study will provide you with a sound basis for deciding if a PWCS is the right choice for your development.    

If a PWCS is the right choice for your development, then Ricardo can support the PWCS procurement process by developing the PWCS technical specifications ready for tender and assisting you in the technical review of the supplier responses.  

To find out more about how we can support you with PWCS feasibility and procurement, please get in touch using the form on this page.