Infrastructure development support

Infrastructure development support

Infrastructure design and development support

Ricardo provides the technical, market, regulatory, planning  and procurement support to those wishing to develop new waste infrastructure. We can support you from conceptual planning through to the reality of take over and operations.

Ricardo are able to provide the necessary support though all project development lifecycles.  Our approach is measured and risk based. We develop projects with due care and attention to carefully manage client exposure to time, quality and costs risks.

Project lifecycle

There are many interlinked facets to the development of waste infrastructure that can be either standalone or part of a lasting theme that is developed from the earliest stages of the development. Our team of consultants have been involved in every stage of infrastructure projects, providing clients with the reassurance that decision making is based on, not only qualified education, but also hard-won operational experience.

Support across all waste treatment technologies

Our experts have a deep technical understanding of energy from waste and biomass energy generation technologies, including combustion (incineration), advanced conversion technologies (ACT) (gasification, pyrolysis and combination technologies), and anaerobic digestion (AD), EfW and associated technologies. This is backed up by waste market knowledge, expertise in the low carbon energy sector, and a unique combination of policy and regulation insight through working with the UK and other European Governments.

Support with waste plant design development

Our experts are experienced with developing infrastructure from concept design through to commissioning, take over and operation.  From the earliest stages of the design basis, it is key that rationale for the development can be fully realised. Ricardo’s engineers will steer the design through detailed specification development and the procurement and selection of suitable contractors.

Taking over waste infrastructure assets

Ricardo provides support to waste infrastructure projects through all phases of the taking over process. We have equal experience of doing so within a number of internationally recognised contract forms. From construction completion to final certificate, Ricardo is able to provide the technical and contract management services to achieve successful outcomes to meet the most critical needs of time and quality during these crucial phases.

Key service areas

Please get in touch using the form on this page to speak with one of our consultants on how we can support your waste infrastructure projects.