Business case and feasibility

Business case and feasibility

Business case and feasibility for waste and resource management infrastrucutre

Ricardo provides support to businesses at the earliest stages of waste and resource management infrastructure development, including business case development and feasibility studies.

It may be a daunting prospect to set out a case to provide the answer to what is generally a fundamental business decision where the benefits may take considerable time to realise. Our approach is to determine:

  • What goals are being set.
  • What is preventing them being realized.
  • What change is needed to meet the goals.
  • The level of certainty that a proposed solution can achieve the goals.

In addressing the level of certainty, Ricardo also provides a balanced approach to gaining certainty by answering the simple question – is it feasible? Whilst very simplistic, it is the basis of defining the work themes required to answer the question.

Business case

In building the business case to support the development of infrastructure, Ricardo has the experience to not only understand why the infrastructure maybe required, but also how to build a case to properly analyse the pros and cons of the need. 

Business cases are built on the back of recognising the need, and Ricardo’s approach is to balance the benefits of new infrastructure against the risks. We have an intrinsic knowledge of the interdependencies of time, cost and quality that is formed around the specified need and we utilise this in a collaborative manner with the many and varied stakeholders involved in an infrastructure development project.


A feasibility study assesses the likelihood of a combination of project factors being successful either individually or in the round. Ricardo have successfully completed a significant number of feasibility studies on a range of projects and technologies in the UK, EU, North America, Middle East and Australia, including the following:

  • Conventional thermal treatment.
  • Advanced thermal treatment (gasification and pyrolysis) in the use of heat and energy production and conversion to chemicals produces and fuels.
  • Biological treatment including anaerobic digestion and mechanical and biological treatment facilities.
  • Materials recovery facilities for C&I and recyclable waste.
  • Hazardous waste facilities treating a broad range of hazardous waste streams.

Our analysis provides the confidence in the relevant factors affecting the development of infrastructure including:

  • Technical
  • Commercial
  • Financial
  • Contractual
  • Planned project schedule
  • Risk and opportunity identification

Ricardo is able to provide the full suite of skills needed to conduct the feasibility of infrastructure development but also  equally well structured to complete individual works streams within a collaborative team environment.

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