Waste infrastructure consultancy

Waste infrastructure consultancy

Providing waste infrastructure advice and support

Ricardo provides technical, market, regulatory and procurement support to developers, investors and operators of waste infrastructure at all stages of your project, from the initial outline business case right through to provision of owner’s engineer services.

We can support you in understanding the complexities of pre-treatment, waste acceptance and quality requirement, as well as providing guidance on the end market for fuel or recovered material.

Support with waste treatment technologies

Ricardo has undertaken extensive research on waste treatment technologies, including processes, uses, advantages and limitations and suppliers and can support you in the categorisation of different technologies in terms of capacity, suitable feedstock, outputs, and energy recovery efficiency.
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Support with energy from waste and biomass energy generation

Our experts have a deep technical understanding of energy from waste and biomass energy generation technologies, including combustion (incineration), advanced conversion technologies (ACT) (gasification, pyrolysis and combination technologies), and anaerobic digestion (AD), EfW and associated technologies. This is backed up by waste market knowledge, expertise in the low carbon energy sector, and a unique combination of policy and regulation insight through working with the UK and other European Governments.
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Support with plant design

We have expertise in materials recovery facilities (MRFs) and mechanical biological treatment (MBT) plants design, including the development of specifications for procurement, technical review of design, and improving outputs and efficiencies.

Key service areas

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