Rochford District Council

Rochford District Council

Rochford District Council

Ricardo carried out an extensive waste collection options appraisal and subsequently drafted a full procurement document suite for Rochford District Council.

Rochford District Council is a Waste Collection Authority in Essex with 36,000 households. The Council has an overall recycling and composting rate of 63% and operates a contracted-out household waste collection service which includes management of its dry recyclables.

In light of the potential impact of the Government’s Resource and Waste Strategy, the Council reached a funding agreement with WRAP to review a range of alternative collection profiles including those aligned to meet the requirements proposed in the Resources & Waste Strategy. Following a successful competitive tendering exercise, Ricardo were appointed by WRAP to carry out a comprehensive options appraisal of ten different kerbside collection configurations, providing a fully costed model for each of the options with outputs including relative resource requirements and environmental performance.

Ricardo’s support enabled Rochford District Council to be confident in the best kerbside waste collection configuration to meet their needs. The Options Appraisal also provided an information base to inform the procurement of a new waste collection and Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) Contract to commence in March 2022.

As the Council had limited capacity to carry out the subsequent procurement of the new Contract and needing to incorporate sufficient flexibility into the required document suite to allow for the potential requirements of the Environment Bill, they reached out to our experts in January after Ricardo’s work on the Options Appraisal demonstrated our capabilities.
Ricardo’s municipal procurement guide, available as a free download, proved our ability to support local authority officers, providing information to structure waste management and public-realm service and infrastructure contracts so that they are attractive to the market, commercially viable to the contractor and affordable to the local authority.

Subsequently, Ricardo authored the full procurement document suite based on the Competitive Procedure with Negotiation, including:

  • Invitation to Tender (ITT)

  • Bidder response document

  • Specifications

  • Performance management framework

  • Payment mechanism

  • Pricing schedules

  • Evaluation methodology

The ITT attracted the required number of bidders, and the procurement is still currently ongoing. Today, Ricardo is assisting in the evaluation process and will be leading the negotiation process.

“Ricardo have provided punctual and concise advice and produced well-worded documentation that has accurately reflected our needs as a client. The process of drawing up the specification and initiating procurement has successfully captured and addressed the complexity and uncertainty that is presently facing the waste industry. Ricardo’s ability to ‘think on their feet’ and tailor the work to meet and counter the inevitable last-minute changes has been greatly appreciated. I would not hesitate to engage Ricardo on any future consultancy that this Council may require, their experience and knowledge shine through and they are a pleasure to work with” said Assistant Director Marcus Hotten.
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