Lendlease circular economy strategy support

Lendlease is an international property management and construction group. The Lendlease Yarrabilba development is one of several major urban growth projects in South East Queensland. Currently it has only 4,000 properties, a shopping precinct and two schools.

Commissioned by Lendlease, Ricardo designed a series of workshops with key internal and external stakeholders to define the vision and aspirations of the development and application of circular economy principles; and also to transfer that stakeholder direction into a circular economy strategy.

A clear five-year roadmap and implementation plan were developed, starting with the completion of a data strategy and monitoring framework that focuses initially on data management, community consultation and quick wins while establishing key stakeholder relationships.

The strategy set out clear objectives: it identified and qualified different options for waste, water, energy and transport to articulate the ideal circular development. These options were informed by best practice reviews, benchmarking against other systems and assessed for their practical applicability to the development. These ideas were then benchmarked against global best practice and more than 100 options were identified to generate a circular community for Yarrabilba.

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The strategy aimed to map and describe current resource flows of energy, materials and water for all the different entities within the development and identified opportunities for circularity across waste, energy and transport.

Six areas of focus were identified as a priority to progress:

  • Agriculture
  • Technology and innovation
  • Control of utilities
  • Energy generation
  • Socialisation
  • Procurement and secondary resource use

The strategy identified ambitious targets for the reduction of energy, waste, water and transport use over the next 10 years and outlined several key actions and next steps on governance, data collection, feasibility assessment of new ideas and business models, partnership with operators and supply chain and engagement to deliver the project’s vision.

Ricardo is now supporting the commercial and technical feasibility studies and business case for a number of these next stages.

On completion of the 30-year development cycle in 2042, the Yarrabilba master-planned community will consist of more than 17,000 properties and 45,000 people. It will:

  • Generate over 13,000 jobs
  • Contain 35km of major internal roads
  • Use over 100 hectares for mixed industry and businesses
  • Use over 75 hectares for education facilities across 11 schools
  • Use over 25 hectares for open space with a range of sports and recreation facilities

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