Supporting your implementation and management of your TEEP obligations

The Waste (England and Wales) Regulations require that, as from 1 January 2015, waste collection organisations must collect waste paper, metal, plastic and glass separately, where it is technically, environmentally and economically practicable (TEEP), and appropriate to meet ‘the necessary quality standards for the relevant recycling sectors’. Ricardo Energy & Environment has the experience and expertise to support and advise you about your TEEP obligations.

Ricardo has developed a detailed assessment methodology, which is supported by robust modelling and specialist expertise, to help waste collection organisations navigate the Route Map.

We can provide a range of TEEP related services including:

  • Full TEEP assessment (Full Route Map)
  • Waste Hierarchy Assessment (Step 3 of Route Map)
  • Necessity Test and Practicability Test (Step 4 of the Route Map)
  • Carbon Modelling to inform Environmental Practicability
  • Collections Modelling to determine resource requirements and costs
  • Critical friend review of TEEP assessments
  • Update of existing TEEP assessment due to service change

Our experience

Our recent work includes TEEP assessments for:

  • A waste partnership involving the WDA and 6 WCAs including both urban and rural authorities
  • A WCA with a MRF contract
  • Two Unitary Authorities each with co-mingled collections
  • A Unitary Authority with a multi-stream collection considering future procurement options

Relevant resources