Service review and benchmarking

Service review and benchmarking

Comprehensive service review to support effective waste management

Is your current public realm service efficient, effective, and offering your citizens best value? Whether you are delivering your services in-house, via an arm’s length organisation or via a private sector provider, it is vital that your operations are performing in line with expectations and reducing necessary cost.

Waste operations

Ricardo’s waste operations team has an extensive track record of reviewing a wide range of waste-related services including street cleansing, grounds maintenance, waste collections (organics, recycling and residual), household waste recycling centres (HWRCs), vehicle fleet services and wider public realm services.
A large proportion of our highly experienced team has practical operational experience from backgrounds as LA officers/heads of service or private sector operational waste managers. They have fulfilled a number of key operational management roles in the public sector for LBs Bromley, Lewisham, Bexley and Tower Hamlets, Horsham and Chester City and various waste companies (Biffa, Focsa and Suez). These roles involved management, procurement and mobilisation of service change. This operational experience allows our team to bring real world experience into their service reviews drawing on industry best practice.
We can provide you with a thorough analysis of service performance and suggest effective improvement solutions that could deliver cost savings and performance enhancement. Our typical approach includes:

  • On-site observations (embedded with crews)
  • One-to-one staff interviews; stakeholder and customer analysis and feedback
  • Data evaluation to understand performance
  • Assessing health and safety, safe working, and risk management compliance

Waste service benchmarking

We can support you in the improvement of your organisation's service model and its design and delivery.  We will support you by benchmarking your total service costs and provide advice on the significance of issues such as collection frequency, capacity and policy, back-office costs, round and beat reviews. We can identify opportunities for commercialisation including trade waste, garden waste collections and cleansing, and grounds support for private landlords and new technologies. Our service review and benchmarking support includes:

  • Service and contract reviews
  • Performance productivity analysis and optimisation
  • Fleet reviews and opportunities for decarbonisation
  • Collection option reviews and cost-benefit analysis
  • Service development, design and change management
  • Reconfiguration of services, including public realm and street scene approaches
  • Opportunities for cost savings and revenue generation
  • Strategy development and action planning
  • Staff briefings and training, including crew, member and officer training
  • Soft market testing and pre-procurement support
  • Procurement support
  • Impacts of technically, environmentally and economically practicable (TEEP) recovery operations
  • Outline business case development and investment case drafting
  • Review of service delivery and commissioning options

We develop cost-benefit models to enable you to identify underperformance and the options to optimise and improve your service – including detailed impact analysis and costing.

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