Waste and resource management strategy advice

Waste and resource management strategy advice

Strategic advice for managing resources and waste

Ricardo’s team is globally recognised for our strategic thought leadership within the resources and waste management consulting space, helping clients to navigate complexity in a fast-moving world.

By offering customer-centric and pragmatic insight underpinned by deep technical understanding we provide clear, actionable direction which drives our customers’ strategy, environmental performance and growth

Developing robust resources and waste management strategies

Through our deep technical knowledge and expertise in the resources and waste sector we help our clients to develop progressive strategies, underpinned by powerful execution pathways. This enables a clear direction of travel and helps improve understanding, decision making and accountability throughout an organisation.
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Reviewing and benchmarking resources and waste  management services

Ricardo’s waste team has an extensive track record of reviewing and benchmarking a wide range of waste-related services. We can provide you with a thorough analysis of service performance and suggest effective improvement solutions that could deliver cost savings and performance enhancement.
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Helping the resources and waste  management sector to decarbonise

The UK is committed to achieving a significant reduction in emissions to reach Net Zero by 2050 and waste management has a role to play in achieving these reductions. Ricardo’s waste team are thought leaders in the carbon from waste arena, having performed the first detailed quantification of the UK’s recycling and waste sector. Our team can provide you with cutting edge analysis and scenarios to reduce the carbon emissions from your contracts, services and facilities.

Our strategy development and review services bring the most current thinking, together with robust data analysis, science and policy context, to navigate and implement change.

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