Waste treatment technologies

Waste treatment technologies

Supporting efficiency in waste treatment technologies

Ricardo can support you to derive valuable resources from separated or mixed municipal and commercial and industrial (C&I) waste, offsetting the use of virgin materials, reducing reliance on landfill disposal and potentially reducing your greenhouse gas emissions.

We can support you in understanding the complexities of pre-treatment, waste acceptance and quality requirement, as well asproviding guidance on the end market for fuel or recovered material. 

Ricardo has undertaken extensive research on waste treatment technologies, including processes, uses, advantages and limitations and suppliers and we can support you in the categorisation of different technologies in terms of capacity, suitable feedstock, outputs, and energy recovery efficiency.

We have expertise in materials recovery facilities (MRFs) and mechanical biological treatment (MBT) plants design, including the development of specifications for procurement, technical review of design, and improving outputs and efficiencies. Our services include:

Our experience with waste treatment technologies

  • International reviews of EfW and ACT technologies for WRAP, the Energy Technologies Institute and private sector clients; assessed EfW opportunities and barriers, including for Zero Waste South Australia and European Pathway to Zero Waste.
  • Technical validation and audit of CHP schemes certified under the CHP Quality Assurance (CHPQA) Programme. Our specialists conceived, developed and implemented the CHPQA methodology to assess, certify and audit Good Quality CHP.
  • Led the preparation of the waste incineration BREF through seconded technical experts.

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