Supporting Australia's infrastructure and utilities sector

Supporting Australia's infrastructure and utilities sector

Ricardo Australia 

Ricardo has supported international waste, energy and water projects in the Pacific region and Australia for over two decades.

Now we are proud to launch our new office and dedicated in-country team in Brisbane. With this local presence, we will enhance the support for our existing clients, and share our global experience to advance the sustainability and resilience goals of Australia’s infrastructure and utilities sector.

A holistic approach to sustainability in waste, energy and water in Australia

Today, sustainable development in the infrastructure and utilities sector must consider waste, water and energy together to capture a truly holistic view of the environmental impacts of projects.

Our joined-up service interconnects these three essential environmental elements of waste, water and energy to tackle the greatest sustainability challenges facing the sector.

Energy, water and waste support from Ricardo
Drawing on the skills and experience of our multidisciplinary team, we work with operators, developers and public bodies to develop solutions that integrate efficiency and sustainability throughout a project’s development and operational stages.
We consider the life-cycle of the whole project balance and optimise each impact without detriment to another.

This focus on identifying externalities allows us to offer a more sustainable and cost-effective solution that will support your policy, programme, development or site into the future.

Visit us at our office on 37 Merivale Street, Brisbane.

Or call +61 (07) 3105 2866 to book an appointment with one of our team.


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