Impact of marine emissions regulation

Impact of marine emissions regulation

Impact of marine emissions regulation

A marine industry association wanted an independent, impartial assessment of the impacts new emissions regulation would have on its sector.

Ricardo formed a multidisciplinary team to carry out an in-depth analysis of available emissions reduction technologies, the global effect on emissions and the socio-economic impact of new regulation. As part of the assessment process, Ricardo:

  • Consulted a wide variety of stakeholders, through interviews and questionnaires, to understand their issues and gather data.

  • Reviewed the emissions control technology required to meet the new regulation and the implications of installing this technology on vessels.

  • Conducted an emissions inventory of the impact the emissions regulations would have on air quality – globally and regionally.

  • Modelled the socio-economic implication of the legislation.

At the end of the project, the client received a comprehensive report covering the environmental benefits and the marine sector impacts of the new legislation. The report included:

  • An environmental impact assessment.

  • A socio-economic impact assessment.

  • A technology review.

  • A review of industry perceptions.