Sustainable mobility strategies

Sustainable mobility strategies

Urban transport roadmaps: a web-based tool to help cities develop sustainable mobility strategies

Ricardo has developed a web-based tool to help city authorities develop urban transport roadmaps that address the most pressing environmental, social and economic issues faced by their transportation systems between now and 2030.

Urban transport roadmaps for sustainable mobility strategies

The urban transport roadmap tool provides cities with the ability to identify, develop, screen and assess different transport policies and measures. In particular, it helps cities to quickly and easily assess the likely costs and impacts of measures that could help them improve the sustainability of their transport systems. Cities can explore combinations of different policy scenarios and assess the impacts of these scenarios on the environment, safety, mobility, the economy and the city’s transport system. This type of scenario analysis helps cities to rapidly identify which policy measures are likely to be useful in supporting their own urban transport sustainability goals. For this purpose, the tool provides: 

  • Quantitative outputs that cover a range of different indicators – including impacts on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, air pollution, safety, congestion and costs – between now and 2030.
  • High-quality, easy-to-understand graphical outputs that can be used to communicate roadmaps to a wide range of stakeholders

The tool covers all modes of transport used in urban areas and has been designed for use by different types of city – users can select from a set of default ‘city types’ built into the tool. This enables users to select default data covering a wide range of parameters that are representative of the situation in their own city, reducing the amount of information that users need to supply. If users have access to more detailed data about their city, they can customise the default city data.

A key benefit of the tool is that users do not need any prior experience in transport modelling. The tool is user-friendly, and has a simple and intuitive graphical user interface

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