Plans and procedures

Plans and procedures

Nuturing an efficient and effective response in the event of a crisis

Having effective crisis management and emergency response plans and procedures in place enables an organisation to take prompt action in the event of an incident. Ultimately, this will prevent escalation, minimise damage and save lives. Furthermore, evidence of adherence to plans and procedures may be called upon during post-incident investigations and are often required by insurance companies. 

Ricardo helps clients to develop concise and easy-to-follow procedures that are supported by aides-memoire and checklists, defined roles and responsibilities, holding statements, guidance and fact sheets for all levels of an organisation’s crisis management and emergency response structure.

The plans we create cover:

  • Emergency response (facility).
  • Incident management team. 
  • Crisis management. 
  • Business continuity. 

We can also provide support in developing specialist plans such as:

  • Human resources response.
  • Pandemic response. 
  • Crisis communications.

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