Incident notification

Incident notification

Supporting your employees and stakeholders when the worst happens

Having a robust, reliable and professional incident notification system for an organisation’s sites and supply chains is critical to protecting people, the environment, assets, reputation; maintaining business continuity; and limiting the cost of an incident.

Ricardo’s incident notification system ensures people at the incident scene can report incidents through a single, clear and simple process and gain access to information and resources to help them resolve incidents quickly, safely and with limited operational disruption. Ricardo’s role is to ensure speed, accuracy and usefulness of the transmitted information, helping your organisation make quick, and effective decisions, controlling the impacts of incidents and crises in otherwise pressurised and high-risk situations.

Ricardo’s centralised incident notification system provides :

  • A multilingual, 24-hour service that uses the latest call-handling software and extensive resilience – eliminating the language barrier and avoiding calls for help going unanswered.
  • Professionally trained degree-level emergency responders who are experienced in their core role of providing clear and concise support in complex or high-stress situations. They use their own initiative in an unscripted environment  with your organisation’s bespoke procedures at their fingertips.
  • A single emergency number for easy connection to the right person, so minimising response times.
  • A filter for technical and non-urgent enquiries, which means only the most important calls are passed on to an organisation’s nominated emergency contact.
  • Fast notification and a commitment to continue contacting designated emergency contacts until an appropriate individual can be located so action can be taken.
  • A single, easily accessible location for all forms and procedures. When an incident occurs, these details are quickly distributed to members of the team so each party can fulfil their role safely and effectively.
  • Detailed post-call reporting, including recommended improvements.
  • Ongoing maintenance of the notification line, which means testing the phone numbers of nominated emergency contacts on a regular basis.

To learn more, contact us using the form on this page or download our incident notification brochure.