Crisis and emergency response training

Crisis and emergency response training

Comprehensive training programmes designed to nurture an effective and appropriate response to developing risk

The purpose of Ricardo’s training programmes is to develop employee capacity and provide clients with assurance that their teams are equipped to respond effectively and appropriately to developing risk.

Our training programmes are designed to enable delegates to:

  • Familiarise themselves with their organisation’s crisis management and emergency response plans.
  • Gain an understanding of how to set-up an incident or crisis room.
  • Understand their roles and those of people around them (and how these may interlink).
  • Improve their ‘human’ (i.e. non-technical skills) such as stress management, leadership, situational awareness, communications and decision making.

The underlying approach we take for crisis management and emergency response training is to link knowledge of the procedures to the practical skills required when dealing with an incident. 

Our range of bespoke courses can last for an hour, a full day or several days. They are appropriate for individuals or teams. Our crisis management training course is also CPD certified.

Training courses include:


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