Crisis and emergency response exercising

Crisis and emergency response exercising

Cost effective and scalable exercises designed to validate crisis and emergency response arrangements

Our exercises are cost-effective and scalable. Often, the best return on investment can be achieved from a simple table-top exercise. As crisis readiness matures, we can provide the complexity and scope of exercises to match.

Ricardo’s exercises are designed to:

  • Determine the effectiveness of response and recovery strategies. This enables an organisation to update its procedures and, often, form a strong basis for necessary change within the organisation.
  • Test Information and Communication Technology (ITC). This assesses whether or not ITC works appropriately, and enables trainees to understand its functionality and limitations. 
  • Provide clarity of roles and responsibilities. This enables individuals and teams to gain a better understanding of their role and that of others, so improving confidence and assertiveness, leading to a better team ethos and more effective response. 
  • Improve inter-organisation coordination and communications. This enables teams to understand the expectations and limitations of other departments. 
  • Identify gaps in resources and opportunities for improvement. These will be detailed in a post-exercise report, which also provides a business case for further training and exercising to be presented to senior management for approval. 
  • Assess the competency of an organisation and its personnel. This is designed to improve individual performance by incorporating the actions resulting from an exercise into terms of reference and personal development records. 
  • Provide a controlled opportunity to practise improvisation – this will enable teams to make mistakes, and try new techniques and approaches, etc. 
  • Assess revised plans. Plans are organic and expand or contract to continually meet the needs of an organisation.

Ricardo follows a four-step process (design, develop, conduct and evaluate) when devising and delivering a site exercise, which makes it as realistic and controlled as possible.

Our experienced crisis management and business continuity experts can tailor exercise formats for teams or individuals. The formats include:

  • Drills 
  • Table-top exercises
  • Simulations 
  • Full-scale exercises

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