Successful CRC compliance

Successful CRC compliance

The Government's announcements at the budget will see the end of CRC, but not until 2019, so CRC compliance between now and then is still as important as it ever was.  

Our services range from structured work packages to bespoke advice tailored to meet your specific needs.  This can range from a Fully Managed Service, to help with Reporting or just a CRC audit to meet requirements and reassure yourself that all is OK. 

Why us?

Ricardo has a unique blend of CRC experience, placing us in an ideal position to help your organisation to successfully comply with CRC, manage your carbon risk exposure, and maximise the associated benefits.
We continue to be the UK's leading consultancy for CRC advice. We were the principal technical consultant to the Government during the development of the scheme, and have also been a key advisor to the Environment Agency throughout its administration. Since 2009 we have prepared answers to over 2,000 Environment Agency helpdesk queries, drafted key guidance documents and presented over 140 CRC participant workshops. We carried out CRC compliance audits on behalf of the Environment Agency, and over a three-period audited a wide range of scheme participants, and these CRC audits continue, undertaken by the Environment Agency themselves Our insight gave us a unique understanding of the common pitfalls and allows us to ensure that our customers don’t fall down them. 

But what happens after 2019? Whilst there is no need to continue to submit an annual report, the data collection processes and management of data should continue, after all if you don’t manage your pennies then the pounds won’t look after themselves. We have offered and continue to offer a fully managed service under CRC and just for data management .

Fully managed service

Whether your organisation is large or small, we have the expertise and experience to provide a fully managed CRC service to meet your needs, and give you confidence throughout your annual compliance cycle. This service is based on a structured approach to data management, combined with our expert understanding of the complexities of the CRC rules and guidance.

After collecting the necessary data, we will prepare the data for reporting, including determining how the CRC rules apply to your business. We offer flexibility in our approach, and depending on your preferred way of operating, we can coordinate your resources, or work within your organisation to gather the data directly. We can then help with the submission of reporting on the CRC register. For more details on reporting, refer to the reporting service package below.

All participants must maintain an evidence pack. To help our customers to keep these as complete and accurate as possible, we have developed an online SharePoint CRC evidence pack that is based on the Environment Agency guidance. We currently provide full evidence pack hosting and management services for a range of clients.

We also provide internal audits of evidence packs, which are required once a year. Our close links with the regulator, mean that we have a detailed knowledge of the Environment Agency’s compliance audit process and can align your internal audit to match.

As part of the fully managed service, we can provide you with support in the event of a compliance audit, as well as ongoing advice on any changes or updates to the scheme. With our expert support you will always be up to date with the latest developments and will have reassurance that any audits you are selected for will be managed smoothly. 


Many of our customers come to us for support in preparing data for annual reporting. Our knowledge and experience allows us to provide an efficient and stress-free service, and will enable you to feel confident in the data that you submit on the CRC registry. Our reporting services include:

Interpreting CRC rules to prepare the relevant data for your reporting
Preparing the information which will be entered into the annual report
Either assisting you with entering the data in the online registry, or entering the data for you and acting as an agent/CRC contact.

CRC audits

Our CRC audits will not only help you to comply with the scheme - they will save you money and minimise the time you need to spend on CRC management.

All CRC participants have a legal requirement to carry out a regular internal audit, and the Environment Agency's recommendation is that this should be done annually. When you are selected for a compliance audit, you will be asked to provide evidence of this internal audit.

We provide a complete CRC audit service to organisations of all sizes and in all sectors to minimise their risk of non-compliance and identify future efficiency improvements. Our CRC audit provides an independent check on data, evidence and processes, and helps our clients to identify and implement efficiency improvements.

The audit also helps clients to demonstrate to the regulator that they are taking all reasonable steps to ensure successful compliance.

In a number of cases we are also able to provide support to our customers during a CRC compliance audit by the regulator. Our experience in carrying out audits on behalf of the Environment Agency means that we know and understand exactly what is being looked for during an audit. 

If you would like to find out more or enquire about how we can help your business with CRC compliance then don't hesitate to get in touch using the form at the side of this page. 

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