Project implementation and verification

Project implementation and verification

Supporting the identification and quantification of energy opportunities

Ricardo Energy & Environment supports organisations in the identification and quantification of energy opportunities, such as renewable energy projects and energy efficiency measures.

Once such opportunities have been identified, we support organisations to understand the next steps to implement projects, making the most out of identified opportunities and maximising returns on investment.

By verifying the outcomes of these projects, including the savings achieved, it will be possible not only to celebrate and report achievements, but also to align the business for future investment. We offer organisations support in all aspects of project implementation and verification. Our services include:

  • Building the business case for investment, including quantification of the savings and helping to build confidence in the reliability of savings calculations.
  • Life-cycle costing.
  • Aligning proposed projects with business strategy.
  • Identification and mitigation of project risks.
  • Support with influencing decision makers.
  • Implementing behaviour change programmes.
  • Project implementation, including
    • development of an implementation plan
    • identification of suppliers
    • choice of equipment
    • development of tender documentation
    • review of tenders
  • Project due diligence.
  • Design of monitoring and reporting mechanisms.
  • Verification of project outputs.
  • Provision of energy training.