Energy efficiency measures

Energy efficiency measures

Increasingly companies are committing to move their energy sourcing from traditional energy generation to renewable sources. In doing so they are committing to finding a way to buy or create renewable energy regardless of where they operate.

This can bring several benefits:

  • Long term financial gain 
  • Guaranteed energy provision at a fixed price if you go down a generation route
  • Driving low carbon energy in your locations of operation and supporting the global move to a low carbon economy
  • Enhancing local communities and creating jobs in renewable localised power
  • Improving and reducing local pollution and potentially air quality

Our team works with businesses to:

  • Develop strategies that allow companies to understand if they can meet a 100% renewable energy target 
  • Develop and implement renewable energy projects that deliver the greatest value to your business
  • Provide web-based tools to collect and collate evidence to demonstrate achievement 
  • Verify achievement including emissions and renewable energy certificates