Environmental and sustainability reporting

Environmental and sustainability reporting

Supporting effective environmental and sustainability reporting

At Ricardo Energy & Environment we have an extensive track record in assisting companies with their environmental and sustainability reporting.

We can advise on communications strategies, and help collect, review and validate data as well as develop reports and other communication.

Ricardo Energy & Envronment can also support your organisation with the EU's Non-Financial Reporting (NFR) Directive, helping to collate and present the relevant information needed to comply.

As experts in corporate sustainability and environmental reporting, we can support you in determining what sustainability issues are most material to your business, and how best to collect data on these topic areas. Furthermore, we can assist you in reporting this information in a way that is most valuable to your investors, and other relevant stakeholders in your value chain.

We have a proven track record in:

  • Developing corporate GHG inventories
  • Carrying out review/assurance of inventories and CSR reporting
  • Carrying out gap analyses to identify the key areas
  • Carrying out competitor reviews to help companies understand how their peers are responding and performing
  • Developing reporting strategies