Airport carbon accreditation

Airport carbon accreditation

What is the Airport Carbon Accreditation scheme?


The ACI EUROPE Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA) scheme ACA accreditation requires an independent verification of an airports environmental and carbon performance. Starting at Level 1 and going up to Level 3+, airports can demonstrate their environmental achievements and plans by achieving certification under this scheme.

Undertaking this accreditation demonstrates an airport’s commitment to managing its carbon emissions to its stakeholders, as well as bringing its environmental achievements in line with other UK airports.

What is the Airport Carbon Accreditation scheme?

To achieve accreditation, airports must get their carbon footprint and supporting evidence verified by a third party. The verifier needs to be an approved verifier though the ACA scheme, passing all the necessary verifier steps and the verifier examination. 

What does Ricardo Energy & Environment offer?

Ricardo Energy & Environment has a historic track record of supporting Airports with their environmental impacts. Our support specifically covers air quality monitoring and modelling, water and ecology, sustainable transport, chemical risk, and energy and carbon advice.

We offer two services in relation to the ACA scheme directly, although we are happy to combine this service with any other requirements you may have:

  • Carbon footprint calculation to demonstrate energy and emissions savings
  • Independent verification of carbon footprint calculations.

Our service provides:

  • A team of experienced carbon footprinting experts who are also accredited ACA verifiers
  • A dedicated support team of Carbon Management consultants and analysts
  • A project briefing and regular updates on progress
  • Development of a verification plan and a detailed verification review of your carbon footprint and carbon management plan
  • A bespoke verification report and statement detailing a record of our recommendations
  • Finalised report and verification to be uploaded onto the ACA verification website

Ricardo Energy & Environment is an international consultancy that works at the forefront of carbon footprinting and carbon footprint verification and assurance all over the world. We determine the UK Government Conversion Factors for Company Reporting (Defra/BEIS factors) on an annual basis, and we work on the development of new reporting methodologies, for example, members of our team were involved in the development of the new GHG Protocol Scope 2 reporting guidance. As a result of our long track record, stakeholders know and trust our brand, making us well placed to provide verification for the carbon footprint.

How do I get in touch?

Please contact Simon Morris for more information or to request a quote.