Circular economy

Circular economy

Realising the benefits of a circular economy

Ricardo's dedicated circular economy team can help you to develop and apply a circular economy strategy. We can tailor a plan to suit your organisation including:

  • Mapping and measuring how resources flow through your business.
  • Identifying resource hotspots such as raw materials with supply risks.
  • Innovation and opportunities identification for new circular economy business models.
  • Assessing and developing potential new circular economy business models, products and markets – including market assessment, business plan support, lifecycle analysis and business case development.
  • Finding potential funding and partners to collaborate with when developing new circular economy business models.
  • Communicating to stakeholders the positive messages related to the circular economy.

Our experience 

  • Implementing Circular Economy Business Models
  • Supporting bio-economy innovation in Scotland
  • Delivering a sector study on Beer, Whisky and Fish to identify the barriers, benefits and opportunities of circular economy approaches
  • Investigating the opportunities and challenges for biorefinery in Scotland
  • Assessing current and future demand for repair skills in third sector organisations
  • Developing leasing models for lighting systems including producing detailed lease finance model and preparing legal agreements
  • Assessing the regulatory barriers and opportunities for developing a circular economy in Scotland.
  • Providing Circular Economy Technical Procurement Support to public sector organisations in England and Wales
  • Investigating opportunities for reverse logistics in healthcare supply chains

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