UPDATE - Industrial Heat Recovery Support (IHRS) Programme

UPDATE - Industrial Heat Recovery Support (IHRS) Programme
24 July 2019

Since my last blog, there have been some important developments with the Industrial Recoverable Heat Support programme (IHRS) which you should know about.

Owing to slower uptake from industry than hoped, the programme has been extended by one year to March 2022. As well as the existing application windows, there will now be two additional windows of opportunity in 2020 to put in applications. Moreover, third parties are now permitted to put in applications on behalf of the industrial sites where the feasibility studies will be carried out and capital projects implemented. This will help industrial sites who are resource constrained in preparing for and submitting applications for grant funding.

As of this month (July 2019), BEIS appear to have granted a total of around £0.6 M of funding against a total available pot of £18 M, suggesting plenty of remaining scope for funding good applications received going forward.

Take a look at my earlier blogs where I consider the wider opportunity for industrial heat recovery, discuss the IHRS Programme, explain how to make strong applications for funding and review the important steps involved with carrying out a waste heat recovery feasibility study.

At Ricardo we can help you identify opportunities for heat recovery, assess the technical and economic feasibility of these and make applications for grant funding to realise these projects. Specifically, we can:

  • Identify potential sources of waste heat and candidate sinks
  • Collect and collate data necessary to qualify and quantify the opportunity to recover and re-use waste heat, and establish the technical feasibility for this
  • Advise on recovery technologies available and use our market knowledge to source robust information on performance, capital and operational costs of technical solutions
  • Develop robust analyses of the likely financial and environmental performance of candidate opportunities
  • Assist you in making strong applications for grant funding to realise your project opportunities.

If you think we can help, please get in touch.
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