Supporting sustainable agriculture at home and abroad

Supporting sustainable agriculture at home and abroad
19 October 2018

Supporting sustainable agriculture at home and abroad

Here at Ricardo, we tend to be known for our expertise in air quality, energy, waste, etc – but we are probably less well known for our agriculture expertise.

Ricardo has a thriving agriculture team providing consultancy support to government and private sector clients domestically and internationally. A key area of our work involves providing advice to farmers across the UK, as well as managing major agricultural advice programmes on behalf of government.

Farming advice
Ricardo actively delivers government programmes that improve business productivity, enhance and protect soil, improve water and air quality, and help to combat climate change.

We have a network of over 200 farm advisers that we have worked with over the past decade and have provided advice to well over 50,000 farmers through a variety of routes.

For Defra, we have delivered the Farming Advice Service, a Cross Compliance advice programme and have been closely involved with Catchment Sensitive Farming for over a decade.

We have an established network of highly respected advisers throughout England providing services via a dedicated helpline, regional meetings and workshops, and regular publications such as the Farming Advice Service newsletter.

We also work with the Scottish Government and SAC Consulting to deliver the Farm Advisory Service in Scotland.

Our team are responsible for the one-to-one service which offers farmers help with access to grant funding for business development support and one-to-one expert advice. Through the programme, Scottish farmers can apply for help with carbon audits, Integrated Land Management Plans, specialist advice looking at specific areas of interest or concern, or enlist the help of a farming mentor who can provide tailored advice on how best to setup and grow their business.

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Policy support and technical research
Our team supports UK government, the EU and other national governments in tackling a range of environmental challenges facing farming systems worldwide.

We have a focus on climate change, water quality and air quality, with the ultimate aim of unpicking the complexity of competing demands on agriculture now and in the future.

Ricardo recently completed a project in agriculturally managed grassland for BEIS looking into carbon sequestration. We are also helping the European Commission quantify impacts of policies on GHG emissions across Europe.

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