Ricardo reappointed UK’s for NAEI

Ricardo reappointed UK’s for NAEI
09 January 2017

Ricardo Energy & Environment has been reappointed as the UK’s National Atmospheric Emissions Inventory (NAEI) agency on behalf of the Department of Business, Environment and Industrial Strategy – a position that the specialist air quality consultancy has occupied in various forms for more than 20 years

The NAEI gathers and compiles data on greenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions from a variety of UK sectors, including waste, industry, agriculture, forestry and transport. The data are used to provide insight into the effectiveness of policy, monitor progress against emissions targets, demonstrate compliance with international legislation and, ultimately, safeguard the health and well-being of the UK’s population and the environment.

The data also underpin high profile UK Government obligations, including its commitment to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases as part of the global effort to minimise the impact on human-induced climate change. Data are also used by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe to estimate air pollutant emissions as part of the monitoring regime for the National Emission Ceilings Directive.

Ricardo uses advanced data handling and modelling systems to compile, process, check and quality assure enormous data volumes which are then presented in a variety of accessible, user friendly ways. Researchers and policy makers can access and apply NAEI data within air quality modelling and health impact studies at national, regional, local or city level, or use the data to target research for specific sources or economic sectors.

Sean Christiansen, Ricardo Energy & Environment practice director, said: “It is an honour to be reappointed by the UK Government to the role of National Atmospheric Emissions Inventory Agency. The UK’s inventory systems provide a robust evidence base that underpins the national understanding of greenhouse gas and air quality pollutant emissions, helping to track the effectiveness of policy, monitor progress against targets and deliver against numerous reporting obligations. The longevity of our relationship with the government demonstrates the confidence and trust that we have built over the last two decades of service.”

Ricardo Energy & Environment collects emissions data from the UK mainland and a diverse array of UK Crown Dependencies and Overseas territories, including Gibraltar, Bermuda and the Falkland Islands. With more than 100 air pollution scientists, consultants and engineers, Ricardo has one of the largest air quality teams in Europe.

In addition to its UK work, Ricardo’s inventory specialists support governments across the world to develop high quality, region specific air quality and greenhouse gas inventories at city and national level. This includes advising on stack emissions standards setting in India and supporting Viet Nam to develop high quality greenhouse gas inventories.