Ricardo provides crucial ecological surveying to support city’s growth ambitions

Ricardo provides crucial ecological surveying to support city’s growth ambitions
12 November 2018

Ricardo provides crucial ecological surveying to support city’s growth ambitions

Our ecology team was busy during the 2018 breeding bird survey season - protecting the integrity of natural environments while supporting our client’s aim to secure planning permission for their development proposals through extensive surveys and reports.
One of the sites assessed was at Letchworth Garden City, where we conducted breeding (and wintering) bird surveys to establish site specific baselines and impact assessments for site development proposals. These set out which species and habitats are in the area, along with their abundance and rarity.
For breeding bird surveys our team adapted standard methodologies (BTO/JNCC/RSPB Breeding Bird Survey: BBS) to suit the site and client’s requirements. We undertook a series of repeatable transects (fixed walking routes) during two visits (early season: early April to mid-May and late season: mid-May to late June) to ensure the full site was assessed for the client’s proposals and to inform future mitigation of any adverse effects on the species and habitats present.

Our lead ornithologist undertaking surveys at Letchworth’
Our lead ornithologist undertaking surveys at Letchworth

“We have been working with Ricardo to provide essential background information as part of an assessment linked to the possible growth of Letchworth Garden City,” said David Ames of Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation. “They have provided the full suite of ecological assessments, essential to understand the possible impacts on a site that is presently open farmland”.
“This information has been both thorough and robust and will be crucial to ensuring that the design of the development is fully informed so that it is minimises harm to the natural environment and any impacts are properly mitigated.”

Our ecologists are familiar with a wide range of habitats and the different assemblages of species they can support.

The 2019 breeding bird season has just begun and without the proper surveying services we provide, development proposals risk being rejected – increasing expenditure and wasting potential development time. Our ecology team is highly experienced in delivering ecological services and are ready to carry out breeding bird surveys for additional clients. Book your surveys in with us now to ensure you secure the vital monthly data needed for your planning application to be approved. As well as bird surveys at inland and coastal locations we have considerable experience and expertise in conducting the Ecological Clerk of Works role (on site supervision of site clearance/construction to ensure legal compliance) during the nesting season and conducting Habitats Regulations Assessments (HRA) on proposals with potential impacts to designated bird species of European sites.

To book in a survey or to find out how else we can support you to achieve your development ambitions while protecting and safeguarding biodiversity, contact Peter Mulder, Head of Ecology, at peter.mulder@ricardo.com.
To learn about the upcoming ecological surveying seasons (including breeding birds) which could prove critical to your development programme, download the free Ricardo ecological survey calendar.


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