Palestine’s climate action planning

Palestine’s climate action planning
24 November 2021

Despite facing many challenges, Palestine has been among those countries at the forefront of climate action planning since the lead up to COP21 in Paris. Most of the work has been facilitated by Ricardo. This has included development of the National Greenhouse Gas Inventory, climate mitigation scenarios and the National Adaptation Plan, as well as the country’s first National Determined Contribution (NDC), which was able to draw upon the preceding documents and so was particularly well informed.
Palestine became a member of the NDC Partnership in September 2019. Further work funded under the Partnership’s Climate Action Enhancement Package (CAEP) and facilitated by Ricardo has led to development of fourteen gender-responsive NDC implementation plans across six sectors (agriculture, energy, health, solid waste, transport, water) and the country’s NDC Partnership Plan, which sets out all its needs in relation to climate change.
Ricardo’s continuity in facilitating Palestine’s climate action planning over the past seven years has been highly beneficial, as it has:

  • Encouraged the development of trusting relationships that have enabled bottom-up approaches within and across sectors, at times involving hundreds of stakeholders
  • Ensured that each new document has built upon those that precede it
  • Enhanced hands-on-training and capacity building
  • Led to a high degree of consistency and coherence across the documents.

In this COP26 side event recording you can find out about Ricardo’s work to support Palestine's climate action planning. The video begins at Ricardo's presentation at 19m31s.  You can also watch a larger version of the video here.

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