Meet our growing crisis team

Meet our growing crisis team
27 February 2020

Meet our growing crisis team

In today’s highly interconnected and complex global economy, organisations face numerous threats to their people, environment, assets, and reputation (PEAR). This elevates the importance of having appropriate incident management, crisis management and business continuity plans in place to ensure an organisation’s resilience.

Ricardo recognises this priority for its clients and has created a team of crisis management experts who hold a total of 80 years industry-leading experience. The focus of the team is to provide services to enhance our clients’ resilience and support them in protecting their brand reputation. This provides clients with the skills to mitigate corporate risk, and respond to increasing regulatory burdens.

Our team of crisis consultants develop solutions that match a client’s specific requirements and organisational pressures. This enables a robust and long-lasting culture of resilience to be established. The expertise within the team is broad and stems principally from international experience working in the public and private sectors. Ricardo places great value on the skills of its staff and the relationships they cultivate with clients.

Crisis team members

Ben Hockman – Head of Crisis Consultancy

Ben HockmanWith a background in security risk and incident management, Ben has spent most of the last decade living and working overseas – for a multinational risk consulting firm and an in-house crisis management role with one of the world’s largest insurers. He has supported clients in preventing and responding to complex risks to life, property, reputation, integrity, continuity and information. Ben is fluent in English and Spanish, and has delivered security, incident and crisis consulting work to clients across five continents.
•    Certified in Strategic Security Risk Management from Georgetown University.
•    Bachelor’s degree in International Studies from Leeds University

Chris Lewis – Senior Crisis Consultant

Chris has worked in the field of crisis and emergency response since 2004. With a background in the energy sector, he lived and worked in the middle east for 8 years responding to and providing support during international crises.
•    BA (Hons) Emergency and Disaster Management – Coventry University.
•    BCI Diploma in Business Continuity.
•    BCI Student of the Year 2015 (Gold Award).
•    ISO 22301;2012 BCMS (Business Continuity Management System) Lead Implementer course.

Chris Scott – Senior Crisis Consultant

Coming from a military background, Chris has 27 years extensive experience of emergency response and crisis management as an instructor of human intelligence, human behavioural sciences. Previously employed by the US Government, Chris has experience in leading crisis management projects across the Middle East.
•    British Master’s Degree: Emergency Planning and Disaster Management.
•    Diploma in Leadership and Management.

Gareth Black – Senior Crisis Consultant

Gareth has worked in emergency response and crisis management since 2012. He has worked for the National Health Service and has an extensive range of experience in preparing for, responding to and recovering from a range of major and minor incidents including being part of the multi-agency response to Storm Desmond in Cumbria in 2015.
•    Master’s Degree in Homeland Security with Disaster Management.
•    Lecturer for Coventry University’s online Crisis Management Master’s Degree Programme.

Alice Smith – Crisis Consultant

Alice has over 9 years’ experience in continuous business improvement and project management in multinational corporate business. Her background is in the energy sector driving departmental performance improvement through business intelligence analytics, strategy review and change.
•    Risk assessment and governance in large corporate and small to medium enterprises.
•    Creating and delivering training programmes to implement and normalise best practice processes.

Ed Sullivan – Hazardous Materials Principal Consultant

Having worked in emergency response since 2003, Ed’s background is predominantly in the fire and rescue service as a responder and subject matter expert in hazardous materials and incident command. Ed joined Ricardo from the Fire Service College in 2019 where he was the lead for hazardous materials.
•    Diploma in Science.
•    Hazardous Materials Tactical Adviser.
•    Studying for a Master’s Degree in Emergency Management and Resilience.

Evie Whatling – Analyst Crisis Consultant

Evie has recently finished a 4-year degree at Coventry University. During her placement, she was appointed as business continuity lead at Goldsmiths University. Specialising in business continuity, she looks to drive business resilience by exploring the complex and hidden factors that can lead to major incidents. Evie is also involved in delivering the team’s new Emotional Resilience course.
•    Bachelor’s degree in Disaster Management and Emergency Planning – Coventry University.
•    Extended Diploma in Uniformed Services - College of West Anglia.

Isaac Wheatley – Placement Student, Analyst Crisis Consultant

Isaac is a second-year undergraduate student at Coventry University studying for a BSc in Disaster Management and Emergency Planning, focusing on crisis management, training and exercising. He has used his time at university to take on extracurricular roles broadening his experience within project management and leadership.
•    A founder of Brockham Emergency Response Team which recieved the Queen's Award for Voluntary Service.

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