ESOS phase 2; what do you need to be careful of?

ESOS phase 2; what do you need to be careful of?
12 December 2018

It feels like we are in full swing now with ESOS being the thing that everyone is talking of. If you aren’t already thinking about its now time to get prepping. But how do you manage to make it better this time around?

We’ve seen two trends that are worth discussing.

The first point we have covered before in previous blogs many times. In our blogs we talk of the different approaches to getting more value from audits that are available. And in a way there is almost a sliding scale of options that can be considered from the traditional measures to the slightly more “blue sky” future and aspirational opportunities.

Realistically if you have already done the first few that you’ll organically want to move on. If you are interested in hearing more about what we think the options are then have a look at some of our previous papers.

The second is worth spending a bit more time on. There are some important points to watch when completing this second round.

  • Making sure that your organisational structure and chart are up to date (i.e. captured for 31st December 2018) and that your compliance thresholds are recorded correctly.
  • You make sure that you do cover all your significant energy sources in an appropriate fashion, i.e. whilst we talk of the different focus areas above you still need to make sure that enough of your operations are audited to provide a representative view.
  • That energy profiling is carried out in suitable detail given the availability of data.
  • The opportunities that you identify are suitably assessed and detail given on what the benefits are.

And if you combine all of this, what does it lead to? Well we think it puts you on the path of a compliant and valuable ESOS assessment.

Over time we have had a hand or still have a hand in each of these so know and understand which resource to use for each purpose. If you have any questions about what we have covered here please do contact Charles Gaisford or Christine St John Cox.