Crisis training and consultancy services go from strength to strength

Crisis training and consultancy services go from strength to strength
12 February 2020

Over the last few months, our crisis management team has been very busy delivering training, exercising and consultancy services to our ever-increasing client base. 

Our experts delivered a 4-day training course that focused on the essential skills required for effective crisis management, and on the non-technical skillsets that enhance the performance of individuals and their organisations, making them more efficient and resilient. Non-technical skills form an important part of any incident response and are essential to maintain business continuity. These skills include crisis leadership, situational awareness, decision making, effective communication and dealing with the inherent stress that a crisis can bring. Following the success of this 4-day course, we were asked to deliver further strategic and tactical training across this organisation. Read more on why non-technical skills are important here. Furthermore, our Crisis Management Training course is now CPD certified.

We then delivered a week’s crisis management training and exercises for staff at the European Border and Coastguard Agency. This focused on enhancing their knowledge and understanding of crisis management, and how to apply the new skills. It had a heavy emphasis on improving leadership capabilities. The training also covered bespoke emotional resilience guidance to help staff build their emotional capabilities. 

We also delivered consulting, strategic and operational training to staff at a medical institute in South Africa, for whom crisis management is a new and growing priority, particularly in light of the increasingly complex risk and regulatory environments they operate in.

Not only does our training team have deep and broad practitioner knowledge, skills and experiences in the subject matter, they also have degrees in emergency planning and disaster management. Recently, many members of the crisis team undertook a week-long course, which is part of a 3-month programme to obtain the Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS) qualification

In addition to continuing to deliver world-class crisis consultancy, training and exercising programmes in 2020, we are developing some new and exciting service offerings for crisis management consulting, emergency and crisis response support, and business continuity planning.  

If you have any crisis consultancy enquiries, want to book a training course or are interested in discussing how our crisis management services can support your organisation in mitigating risk and achieving corporate objectives, please don’t hesitate to contact us