Business continuity: a force for leadership development

Business continuity: a force for leadership development
29 July 2019

Business continuity: a force for leadership development

Ricardo’s crisis management lead consultant, Chris Lewis, recently contributed to Continuity&Resilience Magazine Q2 2019 issue with his view on the role of non-technical skill development in crisis management and crisis response.


Ricardo has significant experience working with a wide range of customers across multiple sectors to improve their organisational resilience, both by developing and testing their procedures and policies, but also by working to directly improve and develop the capabilities of those in the response team.

Ricardo is delighted to work with Continuity&Resiliance and to contribute to the discussion on how Business Continuity has grown into the profession it is today.

Read an except from the issue below, and turn to page 14 to read the full article by Chris.


"How an organisation manages a crisis can have a significant impact on its business continuity. Frequently, leading the response to an organisational crisis is thought to be the responsibility of senior management. However, these managers may not have the specific non-technical skills required to effectively lead such a response. This can result in an ineffective response and consequent negative impact on business continuity."

Read the full magazine here

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