Adapting in an uncertain world

Adapting in an uncertain world
15 May 2020

Adapting in an uncertain world

Ricardo’s crisis management experts, Evie Whatling and Gareth Black, recently contributed to Crisis Response Journal with their view on how planning assumptions can be used to help organisations prepare effective forecasts and start scenario planning for an uncertain future.

This should help organisations have the adaptive capacity required to maintain central functions, while adjusting to the changing circumstances brought about by Covid-19.


Ricardo's crisis management team has a combined experience of over 80 years in crisis response experience working with a wide range of customers across multiple sectors to improve their organisational resilience, both by developing and testing their business continuity and crisis management plans, but also by working with them directly to improve and develop the capabilities of those in the response team.

Ricardo is pleased to work with the Crisis Response Journal and to contribute to the discussion on how businesses can adapt to the 'new normal' .

An except from the blog below.

"This first wave of Covid-19 isn’t a crisis that will stop once the restrictions are lifted. It is going to be a persistent and current crisis for organisations for the next few years, both when restrictions are eased and tightened. The sooner that organisations accept this as being the ‘current normal’ for some time, the greater the potential to establish a resilient and adaptive culture that will thrive alongside Covid-19, instead of being determined and controlled by it."

Read the full blog here

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