Action plans

Action plans

Action plans and strategies

Ricardo are working with cities and local authorities around the world to deliver improvements in air quality where it matters most. Our experts can provide the evidence and analysis needed to develop robust policy and actions. 

We take an integrated approach, working to identify a range of complementary measures that not only solve air quality problems but help mitigate carbon emissions and ensure a vibrant and liveable city for your residents. The key steps in this approach are:

Understanding the problem 
Using both monitoring and emissions inventory expertise to understand where and what is causing the air pollution problem in terms of key sources and activities.

Developing solutions Building on our knowledge of mitigation measures and working with key local stakeholders both in the city authority and key business, such as transport operators, we explore what plans and policies are in place and what additional solutions could be implemented.

Assessing the impacts Using our modelling tools we can then assess the impact of these measures on emissions, both air pollution and climate related, to understand the impact they will have individually and as packages. This assessment may also draw on existing transport models to better understand transport responses to measures.

Packaging measures Building on the emissions results, we will carry out a cost benefit analysis to understand which packages of measures provide the greatest overall social benefit. As part of this process, we look at how the benefits and costs are distributed across different social/stakeholder groups to ensure an equitable solution is generated.

Implementation plan Covering how solutions are procured, public and stakeholder engagement activities, financing opportunities and delivery timescales.

This approach has underpinned our work with cities in developing Air Quality Action Plans, Clean Air Zones and Low Emission Zones. It has provided a robust evidence base that has allowed for clear policy making and supported investment in business cases. Working in this way, we have help cities secure significant investment in low emission vehicles, sustainable transport measures and access management and charging schemes.

Ricardo also offer bespoke training and capacity building to stakeholders at all levels. For example, our EMAQ+ training programme provides professional development training and technical guidance to environmental protection officers on air quality, emissions monitoring and contaminated land, and has been running for over 30 years.