Quentin Wallace-Jones

Quentin Wallace-Jones

Quentin Wallace-Jones

Principal Consultant, Waste Management

Quentin is a Principal Consultant in Ricardo’s Waste Technical Services team. He is a Chartered Waste Manager and Chartered Environmentalist with more than 30 years’ experience in the waste and recycling industry as both a Local Authority officer and a consultant.

He has over 14 years’ Local Authority experience and 16 years as a freelance consultant prior to joining Ricardo at the beginning of 2021, bringing with him a wealth of experience in procurement of environmental services for local authorities, operational management and waste strategy development and implementation.

He started his waste management career as Rushmoor Borough Council’s first recycling officer and produced the Council’s first statutory Recycling Plan and introduced a kerbside collection of dry mixed recyclables borough wide. Subsequently, in his role as Waste and Environment Manager for Hart District Council, he had responsibility for refuse and recycling policy and strategy, introduced wheeled bins for recycling across the district and was a member of the Project Integra strategy officers’ group in Hampshire. He also chaired Integra’s compost working group which laid the groundwork for enabling kerbside collections of green waste to proceed across Hampshire. At Hart, Quentin’s role expanded to include management of the grounds maintenance service and responsibility for open spaces and arboriculture.

As a freelance consultant, Quentin project managed the development of a 5-year action plan for Project Integra to take the partnership forward in the context of the new Waste Strategy for England. The development process required a series of workshops and engagement exercises to secure the buy in of both officers and Members in partnership authorities. In a similar role, he led a project for Devon County Council to develop a business case for closer partnership working across the county and engage both officers and members through briefing and workshop sessions.

Quentin played a key role in conducting an options appraisal and service review for a north London borough which underpinned the introduction of new wheeled bin collections for recyclables, food & garden waste and residual waste. Subsequently, he was interim operational manager for the authority’s HWRC during which time he extended the site hours, amended the Environmental Permit, reprocured haulage and recycling contracts and restructured the team.

Quentin has extensive recent experience in operational deployment of local authority environmental services, from setting up new operational methods, implementing new ways of working, training and on-the-ground support during transitions. Quentin provided key on-site technical advisory role for in-sourcing a waste, street cleansing and grounds maintenance contract for a Berkshire authority. The role included completing the Council’s service specification and operational method statements, assisting with costing the revised specification and alternative service delivery options and Member engagement. Quentin has recently successfully project managed the in-sourcing of grounds maintenance services for two London boroughs.