Lorna Pannett

Lorna Pannett

Lorna Pannett

Associate Director and Waste Operations Lead

Lorna is a chartered waste manager with over 20 years' experience working with decision makers in the waste industry, particularly Councils and their private sector clients. Lorna draws on her knowledge of waste management systems to help clients think through the risks and opportunities which could result from changing their waste management arrangements and helps them to set their future strategies based on the evidence. Recently this has focused on improving performance within constrained budgets whilst meeting climate emergency objectives.

As an Associate Director in Ricardo’s Waste Technical Services Business Area, Lorna has directed and project managed service reviews and options appraisals for well over 100 different local authorities in the UK and internationally. She has reviewed, assessed, analysed and advised on the performance of waste collection services for many of these local authority clients. This work has required a thorough understanding of each Council’s current service and as such she a wealth of experience and detailed understanding of different collection systems. Lorna uses this insight to work with clients to assess their waste management system performance and to provide expert advice on options for system optimisation. Lorna regularly helps clients identify cost savings, opportunities for improved recycling performance and carbon emission reduction.

Lorna is Knowledge Leader for Waste Modelling and leads Ricardo’s waste modelling team. In this role she provides quality assurance reviews and technical insight into model development and implementation. She has developed numerous bespoke waste models, recent examples include: a Waste Composition Protocol Tool for the Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Group, waste flow models for both private sector waste management companies and local authorities, an infrastructure model for Kent County Council looking at Transfer Station and HWRC optimisation and a tool for use by the 80 councils in Queensland to compare the performance of different kerbside collection systems.

Lorna uses evidence based modelling and options appraisal to support the development efficient, cost effective and sustainable waste and resource strategies through target and objective setting, options appraisal, feasibility studies, performance modelling, and procurement support. Through the delivery of feasibility and options appraisal studies, Lorna has gained a sound understanding of the operation and relevance of treatment technologies and the interface between collection systems and these technologies. Lorna has worked with clients such as East London Waste Authority and North Yorkshire County Council to understand the impact of emerging national policy and international trends to determine how local decisions are affected by wider policy drivers in order to develop robust deliverable long-term strategies.

Lorna has provided training, briefing sessions and workshops for local authorities, elected members and stakeholder groups on various waste topics. Lorna has the ability to clearly explain complex issues to both specialists and non-specialists.

Lorna is also a member of the steering committee for the Chartered Institute of Waste Management’s (CIWM) Special Interest Group on Waste Prevention which acts as a forum for information exchange relating to waste minimisation and recycling within the UK's resource and waste management industry.

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