Sarah Lovell

Sarah Lovell

Sarah Lovell

Principal Consultant
Waste Permitting and Regulatory Compliance BSc, MCIWM

Key expertise:

  • Specialist in environmental permitting and associated waste management and environmental legislation, with experience as a regulator and consultant
  • Experienced in waste regulation and compliance auditing
  • Regulatory due diligence and environmental management systems 

Sarah has 17 years' experience in waste regulation and environmental consultancy. She is an expert in regulatory compliance, having specialised primarily in environmental permitting and advising clients on compliance issues related to associated waste management and environmental legislation. Sarah has prepared, and project managed, over 70 applications for new environmental permits, variations, transfers and surrenders, including bespoke applications relating to energy from waste (EfW), landfill, mining waste, leachate treatment, refuse derived fuel (RDF) production, metal recycling, materials recycling, aggregate recycling and deposit for recovery operations.

  • In depth working knowledge the environmental permitting regime and associated waste management and environmental legislation.
  • Extensive experience preparing permit applications, including for sites of high public interest.
  • Expertise in regulatory compliance auditing and expert level regulatory advice, including relating to the Duty of Care, permitting exemptions and fire prevention and mitigation plans.
  • Proven, in-depth understanding of the environmental risks and mitigation measures relevant to a range of waste facilities and installations.
  • Regulatory experience in determining environmental permit (and former waste management licence) and pollution prevention and control permit (PPC) applications.
  • Experienced in successfully managing permit applications through the complex post-submission/ determination stage, including negotiating with operators and regulators and providing written responses to requests for further information.

Prior to consultancy, Sarah spent 5 years working for the Environment Agency where she developed an in-depth working knowledge of waste legislation, policy and regulatory guidance through her work in regulatory waste and strategic permitting teams. As a senior specialist, Sarah ensured that operator proposals met the requirements of all relevant legislation and provided pre-application advice to customers. Sarah’s experience in determining applications has provided invaluable insight when preparing permit applications, undertaking regulatory due diligence for developments and investments, and providing expert advice in disputes and criminal cases.

Telephone: +44 (0) 1235 753 274

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