Phil White

Phil White

Phil White

Technical Director, Head of Waste Technical Services
(Due Diligence and Expert Witness lead)
BSc, MSc (Eng), MCIWM

Key expertise:

  • Expert witness in commercial disputes & claims for large-scale waste infrastructure
  • Waste regulation specialist and experienced criminal defence expert witness
  • Expertise in waste treatment technology deployment, performance and due diligence

Phil is a Chartered Waste Manager with over 25 years’ experience in the environment sector, including over 20 years in waste regulation, policy and consultancy. Phil leads our waste treatment technologies, technical, market, commercial and regulatory due diligence, infrastructure procurement and delivery and expert witness services team. Phil coordinates broad expert roles where our waste specialists are complemented as required by in-house air quality, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), energy, economics, and agriculture sector specialists. Phil’s technical expertise covers a broad range of waste treatment technologies and issues, including:

  • Mechanical biological treatment (MBT) facility performance expert witness, including claims under main contract, sub contracts, professional indemnity and general liability insurance.
  • Expert witness in criminal and civil proceedings, including under Environment Protection Act, Waste Shipments Regulation (TFS), Duty of Care, Environmental Permitting Regulations and Producer Responsibility Obligations Regulations, and in POCA cases and sentencing hearings.
  • Anaerobic digestion (AD) and composting facility feasibility assessments, project monitoring, technical due diligence and Lender’s Technical Advisor
  • Waste regulation and compliance, definition of waste, end of waste assessments.
  • Recycling infrastructure commercial due diligence and project monitoring.
  • Energy from waste (EfW) technology assessment and due diligence, and advice to UK market entrants seeking to fund and develop advanced thermal treatment infrastructure.
  • Waste sampling, characterisation and classification.

Prior to consultancy, Phil worked for the Environment Agency for 8 years in waste policy and operations, developing an in depth working knowledge of waste legislation and technical guidance, including through site inspections, audits, investigations and enforcement. Phil is PACE trained. Phil’s regulation, investigation & enforcement experience lends invaluable insight & experience in expert witness roles and advising on regulatory reviews and ‘pre-action’ compliance assessments. Phil’s technical expertise is founded in procurement, monitoring (construction and operational phases), and strategic advice for biological and thermal treatment infrastructure.

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +44 (0) 1235 753 246

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