Dr Andrew Godley

Dr Andrew Godley

Dr Andrew Godley

Principal Consultant
& Biological Waste Treatment Knowledge Leader
BSc, PhD

Key expertise:

  • Microbiologist with a PhD in anaerobic microbiology and 40 years' experience
  • Industry expert in the biological treatment of waste and process optimisation
  • Expert witness in commercial disputes & claims for large-scale waste infrastructure

Andrew is a highly experienced environmental scientist in all aspects of microbiological activities associated with waste and wastewater treatment, and soil and groundwater protection. Andrew is a waste infrastructure procurement technical advisor and expert witness in commercial disputes relating to biological waste treatment systems, including mechanical biological treatment (MBT), wet and dry anaerobic digestion (AD), and composting. Andrew previously spent 25 years with Shell Global Solutions undertaking microbiological based commercial research and development. Specific biological waste treatment expertise includes:

  • Expertise in the operation and performance monitoring of different designs of MBT facilities with anaerobic digestion (AD) and aerobic composting (IVC) steps.
  • Expert witness in relation to the design and performance of MBT facilities to advise on significant insurance claims, involving disputes between parties including construction contractors, owners, technology sub-contractors and operators.
  • Expert witness in criminal cases, including assessing causes of AD process interruption and damage to gas engines allegedly linked to AD feedstock waste contamination.
  • Technical due diligence and optimisation of AD facilities with food and agricultural waste feedstocks, including assessment of novel hydrolysis pre-treatment processes.
  • Production and quality of solid recovered fuel (SRF) and SRF sampling and analysis.
  • Instrumental in developing Environment Agency MBT monitoring guidance.

Andrew applies his technical expertise beyond solid waste treatment, including providing advice on the processing of wastewater, leachate and effluent by denitrification and aerobic and anaerobic treatment, and potential environmental impacts. Andrew has experience assessing markets for digestate, compost products and industrial organic wastes, coupled with expertise in soil protection relating to the application of organic fertilisers to land. This expertise is supported by membership of the BSI committee responsible for maintenance of BSI standards for growing media.

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +44 (0) 1235 753 516

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