David Woolford

David Woolford

David Woolford

Associate Director - Waste Infrastructure Advisory Services

David has a unique background that is brilliantly placed to help and advise those seeking to develop waste infrastructure, given his previous employment as a Project Director for an EPC contractor delivering the type of waste infrastructure he now advises on.

Within Ricardo, David has responsibility for the delivery of infrastructure advisory services within the Middle East region, UK, EU and regularly provides support to our Australian business. This experience provides the basis for his deep understanding of the supply chain that is used to deliver such services across the globe.

David has provided due diligence and advisory services from early concept phases, through feasibility and including the critical phase of achieving financial close. The advice he provides is through the lens of his experience advising sponsors of their requirements, but also through his experience as a contract project director helping to respect the needs of contractors and the supply chain to deliver infrastructure within the bounds of warranties and performance guarantees. This type of experience has helped balance the needs of government and private sector clients and provides the genesis of a collaborative and understanding approach that has helped many avoid the pitfalls of this complex sector.

David has had direct responsibility for the delivery of advisory services, construction services and due diligence of financial and commercial terms for large conventional thermal plants up to 480,000 tpa, advanced thermal treatment plants producing a range of offtakes from power, heat, chemicals and aviation fuels. He has also advised on anaerobic digestion plants, material recovery facilities and hazardous waste plants.

David has been the named contract manager for the delivery of a range of infrastructure assets, with direct experience of ICHemE, NEC suite and FIDIC. He has also provided independent expert opinion on a range of construction disputes and conducted analysis on a number of projects that have failed in delivery.

His advice is utilised day after day by clients to help bring about successful solutions to the most complex challenges of waste infrastructure.

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