Daniele Pacifici

Daniele Pacifici
Daniele Pacifici
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Daniele Pacifici

CEng MICheme
Principal Consultant - Sustainable Infrastructures and Operations

Daniele is a multilingual chartered engineer with over eleven years of valuable experience and extensive knowledge of waste management, chemical engineering. sustainability and related technologies, products and services. Currently delivering sustainable solutions for the private clients and public entities related to the waste sector, to support their decision making, strategies and visions.

Daniele provides to clients valuable technical experience in the selection of waste-related solution in different fields. Main areas of focus of Daniele’s work are Plastics and Textile recycling, Hazardous Waste management, and Advanced Thermal Treatment solutions (ATT), including, as example, gasification and pyrolysis.

Daniele, as principal information technology consultant, has led numerous option appraisal and due diligence studies on well-established and novel technologies alike to increase landfill diversion rates and value recovery from waste stream in line with the circular economy framework.

His expertise has been also adopted in supporting investors in evaluating novel technologies and sustainable solutions in the energy and waste sector, including hydrogen production from waste feedstocks, plastic chemical recycling and the adoption of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) solutions in advanced thermal treatment plants. Daniele expertise has been proven essential in the development of circular-economy and zero-waste strategies for major businesses and local government (UK, EU, Australia, and Middle East) in order to bridge the gap between the vision and the required action plan. In addition, Daniele is currently advising international environmental agencies in the development of policies and guidelines for the regulations of waste related technologies, products and services.

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