Dr Darren Perrin

Dr Darren Perrin

Dr Darren Perrin

Head of Waste and Resource Management Business Development and Growth

Darren is a successful chartered waste manager with more than 20 years’ experience working in waste management. He is passionate about providing a world fit for the future through collaboration, technical expertise and strong leadership. He is an experienced project director and project manager working with clients in both the public and private sector across four continents (Europe, Asia, Middle East and Australia).

His projects focus on waste strategy and policy development/review, helping to create the business case for service change, defining data requirements and collection methodologies, assessing the performance of waste collection and treatment systems and facilitating national, regional and local waste workshops and training courses.

Darren provides inspirational leadership and big picture thinking to clients, challenging assumptions, engaging with key stakeholders and driving forward decisions and project conclusions. He is a respected thought leader, regularly presenting at conferences and events.

Darren has authored multiple national and regional guidance documents, designed and delivered waste training courses in three countries, lead national audit and survey programmes, facilitated strategic projects engaging with ‘C’ and ‘D’ suite stakeholders and helped local authorities and the private sector to develop sustainable waste management practices.

More recently, Darren has used big picture, system-based thinking to provide direction on circular economy to state governments helping them to develop their circular economy policies. He supported Lendlease with developing Australia’s first circular economy regional development strategy at Yarrabilba, provided strategic direction on construction and demolition waste for one of the new Giga Cities in Saudi Arabia and helped a major oil and gas producer develop their industrial waste management strategy.

Darren’s current projects include; supporting one of the devolved nations address climate adaptation for waste services and building resilience; supporting the development of a net zero strategy for the UK waste sector, and providing direction on systems-based thinking for waste management for a major area in the Middle East.

Darren has continued to use his experience in waste management to support East Waste Regional Council to review their service performance, Tweedshire Regional Council in the development of their zero waste strategy, Metro Resource Recovery Group collect regional waste composition data and an International Funding Institution within an Asian developing country complete their first national situational analysis leading to the development of a waste and circular economy strategy.

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